How it Works

A few simple steps to activate your rewards...

The first step is to sign-up for a Rally account

Rally is where your rewards tokens are stored. You’ll be able to track them, withdraw to ETH and USD, transfer and tip with other users/creators, and more. You’ll also earn additional weekly rewards just for holding tokens in your account! Plus you’ll soon be able to use your $BOT rewards on Rally’s digital marketplace. Sign-up now –

Next, you’ll need to connect your Amazon Alexa account with your Rally account

This is done through our secure BotBridge platform. It only needs to be done once. Then anytime you open an Alexa skill that’s part of the $BOT Rewards program, BotBridge will check for your Rally account and start sending $BOT rewards. Connect now –

Have fun! Seriously, that’s it

We’ll send an email confirming that the connection was successful. Meanwhile, you can start earning $BOT on your favorite Alexa skills and also discovering new ones for even more rewards. Here’s the list of Alexa skills that are part of the $BOT Rewards program –

We’ll let you know when more skills join!

Learn more about Rally here –

Learn more about $BOT here –

Learn more about BotBridge here –